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10 mai 2011 @ 17:47
Fanfic : My neighbour, my mother and me...  
Title: My neighbour, my mother and me...
Under-title: Murphy's Law by Shiori
Rating: PG-13
Fandom: Arashi (but the POV is my heroine's, so you'll probably not see them as much as you would liked XD)
Genre: Humor, General, and a touch of Romance
Pairing: Aiba/OC
Summary: Well, it's impossible to resume without revealing everything, read and you'll see XDD
Disclaimer: Only the words are mine...
Note: English is not my mother language and this is my first translation from French to English so please, be indulgent ^__^ Hope you'll enjoy !
Previous parts: Prologue | Chapter 1

Chapter 2 : A bad presentiment...

I couldn't explain why, when everything seemed to go well, a bad presentiment wouldn't want to leave me.
My mother arrived at Tokyo station at 5pm and I managed to be free to pick her up. After all, my mother didn't know Tokyo very much and had no idea where I lived... Soon had she arrived by my side, she immediately began to complain.

"Your father is an idiot! And idiot who also is stubborn! Because of him I spent all day on trains!"
"The next to Sapporo is in twenty minutes, if you want to go see Daiki..."
"I've just arrived and you already want to get rid of me?" she whimpered.
"I just thought that as you want to put distance between you and Dad, you could put an even more important... And, since when exactly have you not seen Dai-nii?"
"Your brother and your father, same combat. Like father, like son, Daiki hardly think to call me occasionally to tell me he is still alive... What an idea, to study migratory birds across the country... Your brother has always had funny ideas."
"I think it's great that he can live his passion. And you should be happy that he stayed in Japan, he could have go abroad ... "

My mother shrugged her shoulders and, grabbing the handle of his suitcase on wheels, began to move before I could react. The next moment I was catching her in a few strides to tell her she was going in the wrong direction. Pleeeaaaaaase, made that she won't stay more than a week!

We arrived at my building and on reaching the floor which I shared with Aiba-san - yes I know the fans would die of jealousy if they knew - I cast a cautious glance at the hall that I found the desert. I held back a sigh of relief. While I would take my mother up at my door, I made sure that she can't read the name of my neighbor on his bell. My heart was pounding, my hunch was still alive, and I was a little afraid to see Aiba-san turn up out of the blue, as we didn't expect him. I knew a bit about his personality and his "I'd know how to handle the situation" scared me. Fortunately, Aiba-san seemed to be busy elsewhere.

"You have only one neighbor?" The voice of my mother made me jump.
"Yes. But you might not cross him at all, him works a lot. Actually, I very rarely crosses him, he is very discreet. "
"He's pretty boy? "
"Ehhhh? "
"What? Don't put on such airs, please. You are 26 years old, at your age I was already married and you already were 2 years old. You should at least have a boyfriend ... So is he attractive?"
"Stop it you want? It's terribly embarrassing to discuss these things with you."
"But no it's not embarrassing. I am an open minded mom. You should be happy!"
"To be open minded... It's sure most women of your age don't fangirlize an idol group."
"Where is the problem if I assume?"
"You're pissing me off." I let go, opening my door to let her enter. One week, no more, please!


The evening went almost well, my mother had put herself by authority behind the stove to prepare dinner. I was jaded by how much she had confidence in my culinary skills. Though I know how to cook, the evidence, my fridge is filled with fresh food, not cooked meals, proof that I eat properly. But I decided not to argue about the subject, I had enough to do with the rest.

"And after that he told me that I was a noisy nag."
"You're a noisy nag, it's a fact..." I say while finishing to wipe the last bowl.
"Talk to your mother otherwise, unworthy daughter!"
"Your unworthy daughter has still agreed that you stay at her home during your little marriage troubles."
"A little support from you would not hurt you know?"
"You want me to cry with you?"
"Roooohhhh you're pissing me off Shiori! "
"Great, we are both in this case! With that, I'm going to bed, I have hours to catch up tomorrow. Oyasumi nasai."
"Matte Shiori! You're gonna leave me like that? "
"You can watch TV if you can't sleep. You can also borrow me a book if you want, I really need to sleep, sorry." I concluded by replacing the towel I had in my hands.

You must not believe that we yell at each other all the time with my mother, it's just that I find her excessive, and it amuses me to infuriate her. Maybe if I irritated her enough, she would return faster? Or perhaps she would continue her drive to Sapporo, in order that my brother had his share too? Rooohhh, yes it would be great. Came an amused smile playing on my lips while I imagined the head Daiki would do if he found our mother on his doorstep.

"Why do you smile like a happy?"
"For nothing, for nothing. Good night."
"Good night."


Why this feeling that something was bound to happen doesn't leave me? I left early for the office, just to make up the hours I had not done the night before and had therefore left my mother alone at home. She would surely find something to occupy herself, I had left a book about the city prominently on the table, it had served well to explore Tokyo when I arrived five years ago. And I don't doubt that she would certainly get lost in Harajuku, just to visit the Johnny's Shop, and incidentally empty her wallet by robbing Arashi's photos stock.

I sighed heavily in front of my screen trying to focus on the current project. The ringing of ther phone startled me and I answered quickly.

"Hai, desu Kamiya."
"It's Rika at the reception, someone asks you. "

No, she was not coming? Or yes? I rubbed my eyes with my free hand, sighing softly and then I decided to answer.

"Wakatta, I go down."

I hung up while saving the latest changes that I made then I rose to leave the office. In the elevator I was wondering why she wanted to come see me at work. No, seriously, she should have known that I had no time... The elevator doors opened onto the lobby and I went on looking for the familiar silhouette of my mother in the crowd of onlookers. But to my surprise, it was not my mother who gave me great signs of arms to attract my attention. No, it was a figure much higher, a cap on his head and sunglasses hiding half his face.

"Shiori-saaaan" he called me.

I remained petrified. What was he playing? What did he want from me? Yes because in case you didn't understand, it was indeed my lovely neighbour... After throwing a few glances around me - if ever there was one other Shiori in the vicinity - I headed slowly towards him and he did the same. Reached his side, I grabbed him by the elbow and dragged him away a bit.

"Aiba-san? Doushite?"
"You're upset?" he asked in an uncertain tone.
"I'm not upset!" I lied but my tone betrayed me.
"Yes you are. Sorry, I didn't want to make you angry..."
"Come to the point. Why did you want to see me?" I breathed.
"Why are you whispering?" He asked me in the same tone.
"Because I want to." I retorted, short of time, arguments and patience. "What's the matter?"
"I wanted to know how it ahs gone..."
"With your mother. It's alright, she does not suspect anything? I returned late yesterday. I'd try to be very discreet when entering and exiting the apartment."
"Because you plan to stay?"
"Of course!"
"At the same time, who am I to kick you out of your own apartment..." I muttered more to myself than for him.
"Demo, daijobu, I'd be very careful."
"Surprisingly, I'm not at all reassured. But well, that's your problem if she becomes hysterical because of you."
"It will not happen." he said with a confident smile.

I really wanted to believe that smile, really, I assure you. But no, I was no more reassuring. When I was about to speak again, my phone rang and I apologized to respond. The purpose of our conversation was calling me, as she knew that we were talking about her.

"Moshi moshi."
"Shiori, do you have a little time to devote to your mother?"
"I work now..."
"Oh yeah? And who is this man with whom you discuss? This is for work too?"
"Ehhh? Where are you?" I asked, glancing around me panicked.
"What's the matter?" Aiba-san asked me, which had the effect of making me even more panic. I turned to him and plunged my panic eyes in his.

Without thinking, I hung up hastily.

"Yabai! She's here!"
"Quick, do something!"
"But what?" he asked, totally lost.
"I don't know! You are the idol, you're the one who best know how to escape the fans, right?" I said, pushing his back toward the elevators. He had to leave the hall as quickly as possible.
"What are you doing? "
"I try to save your skin!"

I redoubled my effort when I heard the voice of my mother so close. It also seemed to wake him since he ran himself to step into one of the elevator. My mother joined me while the elevator doors were closing on the back of Aiba-san.

"Who was that? Your boyfriend?" she asked.
"Arienai!" I said with a smile that I hoped convincing. "I do not have time for such things. A colleague, yes, a colleague."
"So... ka..." She didn't seem convinced. "Ne, thank you for the book, I walked around a bit this morning and I was wondering if you wanted to have lunch with me."

I looked at my watch and noticed it was actually almost time for lunch. Although I felt the trap, I told myself that it would allow me to take her away from the office...

"Ok. Wait for me here, I'll get my bag and we can go." I said making my way toward the elevators.

My heart was still beating at breakneck speed and I hoped that these few minutes of respite help me calm down...
When I went down and found her in the lobby, we had not taken three steps she already asked me another question and my heart panicked even more.

"Ne... Your neighbour..."
"Why are there the name of Masaki Aiba on his bell?"
"Kaa-san!" I was indignant.
"You... well... You can't do that! "
"It's the same Aiba Masaki than in Arashi?"
"Arienai! It's a namesake, a namesake!"
"So ka~ Ahhh... I'd like to meet him..."
"I have good neighbourly relations, then please, don't do anything that could do any prejudice to me." I tried to make her feel guilty. "And anyway, he isn't often at home..."
"Daijobu, I will not bother him... Well, we're going to lunch?"
"Hai." I whispered trying to calm again the disorderly beats of my heart.

But whyyyyyyy this kind of thing are happening to me?

Here is chapter 2, I hope you enjoyed it too ^___^
Sorry if you found mistakes, I do it without any bêta, but if you found something really horrible, please let me know so I can correct it XD
Chapter 3, as soon as possible! ^^ And comments are loved <3
Thank you for reading me~

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Lily: Aibalily_nee on le 11 mai 2011 09:11 (UTC)
Me too~ (dreaming doesn't hurt xD)
Thanks for reading~ ^__^
24iza_run24iza_run on le 11 mai 2011 09:24 (UTC)
It's amusing to read the mom-daughter relationship! XD
And if my mom fangirling Arashi like that...I think I don't mind it all~ (Since I can borrow her Arashi stuffs free of charge!) XP

Aiba-chan almost got caught ne~
Yabaii~ XD
I'm looking forward for your next chappy!
Thank SO much for sharing!
Lily: Aiba 3lily_nee on le 11 mai 2011 15:31 (UTC)
If I were in the same situation... I don't know how I'd react... Probably like Shiori, because I'm the type to argue a lot with my mother XDDD

Thank you for reading and commenting ^__^
raene_9raene_9 on le 11 mai 2011 14:18 (UTC)
hahahaha...loving it so far...Aiba is always like that, ne...willing to help...hope that you add me as friend so i can continue reading your fic...thanks...
Lily: Aiba 3lily_nee on le 11 mai 2011 15:33 (UTC)
I've added you back ^_^
Thanks for reading and commenting~
fly_outfly_out on le 11 mai 2011 14:44 (UTC)
aiba-san with cap and sunglasses waiting...<3
Lily: Aibalily_nee on le 11 mai 2011 15:38 (UTC)
Isn't it? XD

Thanks for commenting ^^
jmonogatarijmonogatari on le 26 mai 2011 03:05 (UTC)
Aiba X Amelie Poullain *wink*
Lilylily_nee on le 26 mai 2011 10:31 (UTC)

Thanks <3